Year-end functions

Silly season has started and we have decided to give you 7 tips to survive your Year-end function!


1)   Don’t starve yourself throughout the day – you will land up being too hungry and overeat completely at the function. Rather eat nutritious low-calorie meals throughout the day and consume a normal portion of food at the party.

2)   Leave your starches out for the day and swop them for alcoholic / sugary drinks. Not the best thing to do – but definitely a compromise!

3)   Consume something just before you leave for the function so that you won’t be tempted by canapés Consider a boiled egg or yoghurt portion – just don’t go on an empty stomach!

4)   If 3 courses are served, consume the full starter (they normally are veggie based), ½ main course and just taste the dessert.

5)   Replace your dessert for a cup of coffee / tea. If cappuccinos are your weakness, remember to ask for it skinny!

6)   Drink water in between your alcoholic / sugary drinks. Sparkling water will bloat you slightly and reduce your appetite.

7)   Stay active! Whether walking around when socializing or dancing the night away… Just don’t sit on your chair the whole night – burn some energy!


A typical day when you have an end-year-function may look something like this:


Breakfast – 2 eggs + tomato and mushroom

Snack – Fruit

Lunch – Big mixed salad + ½ Avo + 30g Lean biltong

Just before you leave for the function – Yoghurt portion

Function – Full starter, ½ main, 1tsp dessert and a skinny cappuccino


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